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Sunday, October 7, 2012

SF Designs finalists Strut Their Stuff in the 5th elimination round for the Top Ranking TOP SF Designs Model 2012

Today Sunday October 7th 2012 Freedom and I where both honored to attend SF Designs Super Model 2012 5th elimination and fashion Show. There were so many Wonderful contenders there in the final stages of this Modeling Style off. 
Today Being there was a great way for Free and I to learn by attendance, I would like to suggest to all Models if ever you see this opportunity to attend all means do so.
You will learn a great deal about advanced formations Posing and just how you will be Judged in advanced fashion style off Competitions.
Today I watched learned and took Pictures there was only one model I did not get a photo of...not because I didn't want to but because when I arrived She was still appearing Grey in my viewer So Miss Janet I missed you in your lovely oatmeal outfit. 
As for all others I did have a Blast Perving and getting photos of each of you Awesome Job SF Design Models You all Rocked that Runway!!! Enjoy The pictures all!! ;)
Lovely Miss SilkyVv above  with a very well executed prop  to complete her business Lady look :))
Next we have Miss Thrishia Denver Lovely  and Very professional  Secretary....Beauty and Talent Galore at CWS today!!!
Onto The lovely ER Dr Miss Chevia Johansson This look was so well thought out and her poses with props executed in my opinion with a lot of for-thought this Model made it work and she did it well....a very brave Lady indeed to take on the props....Best of Luck in this Miss Chevia
Then we had Beautiful Courtroom Reporter Miss Subrina Bearsfoot ...I Just Love the Glasses low on the nose for easy reading yet still able to cast a sensual stare across the Courtroom! Love it!!
Next was The Dashing Newly married Phil Byron he was dressed very nicely in his tweed suit representing a Business accountant WTG Phil well done on this !!!!
And last but not least was Reese Shawbridge as a Computer Repair Technician!!! All I can say is I truly enjoyed the fun and learning experience as well as Viewing the Creativity and Professionalism of each and every Model I only regret SL not letting me get a good picture of Janet :( You looked very lovely even though my viewer showed your garments as Grey :(
I look forward to more of these events and hope to be in one myself soon!! "Oh and Miss Tiffani I will; remember Donuts at the next one.... I'm either at or in ;) ......and I will  bring plenty for everyone but don't eat too many gotta keep that Bumm little as would be said by Miss Deb and Miss Vicky  ....Winks @ Miss Debbie Doo!!! Love you hun!!

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  1. Angel, you did such a wonderful coverage of this event! I was proud to be there with you and don't worry...I will help the ladies eat some of the doughnuts you bring! LOL :))