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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mirror Mirror Styling Event Last week Brought out some awesome Models in way out creative styling

With a Theme Like this one "Mirror Mirror  on The Wall" We had every Snow White character out there except those elusive seven Dwarfs!!!  Below is a Picture Of the First-Second and Third Place winners!!! I Know My Hubby was the 3rd Place winners and will have to dig in my SL Closet as I have all three  written down in my Note-cards :D We always have so much fun and anyone can do these events they are open to all...they even offer Free Formation classes so you can come out and show what ya got!! Please refer to my Blog-list then CWSSimply The Best (Click) go to the Site....on the Tabs you will see Schedule (Click this) and You will see all the up and coming Styling themes along with free class times....We all hope to see you come and join us for creative fun on the Runways here!!!

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