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Friday, October 26, 2012

CWS Styling Event Thunderbird Oct 24th 2012

The wonderful Theme "Thunderbird" So many variations for this theme Showed up and WOW! We Had a Canadian Thunderbird Air Force member A couple of the Thunderbird's from the Movie "Grease" and of course there was several of us representing some form of the Native "Legend of the Thunderbird. No Matter how many variations of this theme the Judges had I felt for them as all these outfits were so different and all so Creative. I was Blessed to be a part of such a wonderful blend of Thunderbird's this night!!
Pictures and descriptions are below
Here are The Winners of the Thunderbird event in this picture we removed our wings as we Phedre and I covered up poor Zigrich with our Massive Wings!
Winners were as follows
3rd place Zigrich Zigmund -The Chief and Story teller to his Tribe of the mighty Thunderbird
2nd Place Phedre Lefevre - The Thunder element of the Thunderbird Legend
1st Place Angel Shelman- I represented the Flame and Lightening Elements of the mighty Thunderbird Legend.
Here is an angle were Phedre and Myself could sport our wings without covering the Great chief Ziggy .....I was so Humbled and honored for this Win...I had been putting a lot of practice into accuracy and poses Flowing Just right to Master the appeal of the outfit.We all had so Much fun and we always do @ all CWS events. Be they Win place or Just Show...we always benifit just for being there on the runway with so many talented Models!

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