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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Camo Styling Event Monday October 22nd 2012

This Was a very cool Styling Event (however He he Are not they all :D ) We Models have so much fun doing these events and for myself Winning is not the goal although a win is humbling and exciting....The practiced we get with ordering our Pro folders for quick change and even more important is the confidence we build as a team while up there on the Runway. I also enjoy the practice of accuracy while we walk and flowing poses to effectively show the outfit of choice to best of our ability. We CWS Models are so very Lucky to have Anrol Anthony CEO and Steve her Partner Whom works very Hard with the Video Choreography.We Have a Very professional team and Modeling Family at CWS and each New day Brings us a few steps closer to our ultimate goals Being our Best up on the Runway,Showcasing the Designers outfits in a Fashion that brings top eye appeal to the potential future customer. I have included My Personal Photos Of this event and although Freedom and Did not place this day we had a Blast so i took a personal Photo of us back at the Oasis. Enjoy all and have a blessed Day.

Winner 1st place   Styling Camouflage
 ☆ Ania Lennie ☆
 : 2nd Place Winner
 ☆ Lilmama Artis ☆
 Our 3rd place Winner
☆ Sidney Abbot ☆

Angel and Freedom as US Army Soldier
 Freedom represented Special Forces
Angel Represented a Private

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