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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Once again Real-Life kicks My Petite little Tush :/

Yes indeed to Make a long Story Short...sighs.... I'm undergoing certain things for my physical condition in RL.There are problems with this that I'm undergoing. So once again I Missed a very important event, I had spent days and Hours working so hard to put together, (But Enough of that ) I will once again Share the Idea I came up with for this wonderful event!Via My Blog ....However First thing I want Do is Congratulate the winners of this awesome theme 1st place-Ania Lennie and 2nd Place FreedomRock Rhiadra and 3rd but not least of all Phillipe Byron WTG everyone I am so very excited for you all!!! Below is My  Description and within this blog you will also get to see my photos of my Costume. Yes its a bit different much Like Freedoms however; I'm so very blessed he was inspired enough by my Idea to come up with his own character that was inspired by my very own....he made me feel so good using the character he did.Sometimes winning is not the big  picture its the heart and soul we as models put into our stylish forms....Anyone can be Beautiful and anyone can get out on that Runway with practice and "Break a Pixel so to Speak"This wonderful Thanksgiving Event was so obviously one that was not meant to be for me.  As Real-life chose it not to be. 
That does not Change the Fact My Heart and soul went into it!! Remember all Models..... Love your Fellow Models out there on that stage and Remember Winning Does not make you a Super-Model....its your Form Choice of poses and Most importantly your attitude.
Below is My Description For the Thanksgiving Theme ;) And My Pictures of "The Godmother of Thanksgiving"  ( Which I researched to find Something off The Norms of a Traditional Thanksgiving theme...And I Found Her and Then I read very much about her) Later after organizing the entire outfit of which I also used her Real-Life Pictures ....I found her this involved a ton of grid bouncing to find that Just Right Look to go with the Time and to also work with the head covering she wore in her Real -life younger years!!  I then Shared my finished description and Look with my Partner  FreedomRock Rhiadra Who was so very supportive and was inspired so much as to create his own Unique thanksgiving theme ...reflective of the same time period.
 My Regrets "Real-Life Conditions" letting Down the people I love dearly...... Like Miss Anrol Anthony our Wonderful CEO who made this theme and the runway sets all possible for this and Freedom I let down so much by not being there to Walk ahead and lay the foundation for his Character....... For this I am so truly Sorry to The Both of you. I so wish I could of made you both very Proud out there today.... So Here is a bit more interesting history on my character. :)) The  Description will follow below these selected Photos, of "Miss Sarah Josepha Hale."  The photos Show off her young and beautiful look in the year 1810 by this Time she was one of Americas first very Well -educated women as you will read more about below in my description which I was keeping more brief to maintain the Standards of our shows. She Was in fact Highly Educated and in fact Very Beautiful for a woman of that Era. Now on with my personal Description For CWS Thanksgiving Theme 2012. May you all be blessed and enjoy this Article.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
My Name is  Miss Sarah Josepha Hale..... you may not recognize my name or your wondering what a Lady Like Myself has to do with Thanksgiving, or where do I fit into A Thanksgiving Theme? Let me begin by sharing with you a  short summary of how I Gained the title of "THE GODMOTHER OF THANKSGIVING" I was Born Sarah Josepha Buell, in Newport, New Hampshire, in 1788. My  father, Captain Buell, had fought in the Revolutionary War; with his wife, Martha Whittlesey, he moved to New Hampshire and my parents settled on a farm owned by my great grandfather. This family farm is where I was born,  the third of my parents' children. We all were home schooled by our mother. My eldest brother was the only one who was fortunate enough to get to go to college. He attended Dartmouth, he spent his summers at home with us, and he tutored me  in the same subjects he was learning: Latin, philosophy, geography, literature and more. Although colleges were not open to women, I gained the equivalent of a  higher level college education.
My occupation as a young woman was  editor, writer, promoter of women's education (Teacher).

 To make a long story Short... I wrote President Abraham Lincoln a very touching letter in my latter years about Thanksgiving and how we Americans should Celebrate it as a National Holiday. Lincoln read my letter and He declared it a National Holiday in the year 1861.....At which time I Miss Sarah Hale was a senior at the age of 73.
Below is Abraham Lincolns....
Proclamation of Thanksgiving
Washington, D.C.October 3, 1863 This is the proclamation which set the precedent for America's national day of Thanksgiving. During his administration, President Lincoln issued  on November 28, 1861,the order for government departments be closed for a local day of thanksgiving Annually.

  Tonight it is my pleasure to have brought you this bit of American history !!!
 For the Beautiful young Miss Sarah, I am wearing A lovely  Vintage gown, Basic in design and color; however it was worn by many Ladies in this era it is called ....... {AS}  Lucrezia ~ Coffee, as Many of the colored linens were far to expensive in the latter 1700's and early 1800's. Many  Families could not afford  the Colored Fabric as it  was imported  Overseas. Miss Angels Eyes are Limited edition  "Agapanthus" By Burroughs, her Shape is Her own Newly modified Super-model 2012 Gown and Dress Shape designed by herself. Her Skin is "Beyonce Smoke" By Redgrave,Her Hair is "Moana" Hair brunette by Miss Donna Flora, and lastly her Jewels which are minimal due to the era and only the very wealthy were heavily adorned so her earrings here are Designed by Bastchild   and called "Gold and Ruby"

I want to thank Miss Anrol and Steve (CEO's) ,The judges and all my fellow Modeling Family who all work so very very hard to make all the Events At CWS Possible.
Gracious blessings to those who came out to watch this Fashion Event, We so appreciate you. ... Hugs to all our Modeling Family CWS is"Simply The Best"

FOOTNOTE: Taken From the internet link:
She Helped Give Us Thanksgiving
Why do we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November? Abraham Lincoln declared it a holiday in his famous Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863. But who put Lincoln up to it?
The answer is Sarah Josepha Hale, arguably the most successful midlife woman in American history.
In addition to moving President Lincoln to action, Sarah Hale was the first to urge equal education for American girls. She was the first to start day nurseries for working women, the first to suggest public playgrounds, and the first editor of the first woman's magazine in America.
Hale authored two dozen books and hundreds of poems, including the best known nursery rhyme in the English language: "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
And perhaps the most remarkable part is, she did it all after she turned 40.
Widowed and penniless at 34, with five small children to raise, Hale supported herself with sewing and poetry. Then, at 39, her first novel, Northwood, was a huge success.
A year later a British publisher asked her to serve as the first editorof The Ladies Magazine and the rest, as they say, is history. Nine years later she moved to Godey's Lady's Book in Philadelphia. Here her editorial skills helped the publication become the largest in America with a subscription list of 150,000 by the 1850s. 
Sarah Hale continued to write and edit until she was 89. She died at a robust 91.
"The Lady Editor," as Hale was affectionately called, advocated a national celebration of Thanksgiving as early as 1827. "We have too few holidays," she wrote in Northwood. "Thanksgiving like the Fourth of July should be considered a national festival and observed by all our people."
To Sarah Hale Thanksgiving would be a therapeutic holiday. "There is a deep moral influence in these periodical seasons of rejoicing, in which whole communities participate. They bring out . . . the best sympathies in our natures."
Hale saw this spiritual dimension of Thanksgiving as a means for preventing the insanity of civil war in America. This is why, as hostilities heated up between North and South, she bombarded both national and state officials with requests for the national holiday.
By 1863 when Lincoln issued his now famous Thanksgiving Proclamation, Sarah Hale had penned literally thousands of these letters in her own hand. "If every state would join in Union Thanksgiving on the 24th of this month, would it not be a renewed pledge of love and loyalty to the Constitution of the United States?" Hale wrote in a 1859 editorial.
Of course, Sarah Hale was unable to avert those saddest years of American history, but in 1863, as civil war ravished the land, Abraham Lincoln did issue the proclamation Hale had spent nearly 40 years and thousands of letters to procure.
Speaking of America's blessings, even in its darkest hour, Lincoln wrote, "No human counsel hath devised, nor hath any mortal hand worked out these things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered us in mercy."
And so Americans celebrate Thanksgiving together on the fourth Thursday of November each year. And perhaps that celebration has helped as much as anything to keep us from the insanity of fighting against ourselves again.. 
If so, we have Lincoln's Most High God to thank for it, as well as a spunky midlifer named Sarah Josepha Hale.

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  1. Wow! this was so beautifully written Angel! Most of this I had never known of before and you are so inspiring to myself and to all who read and follow your blogs here. I am truly lucky to be your partner in SL & RL as well! You rock and are the very best! xoxoxoxox